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Recent Scam – Government Gateway

Recent Scam – Government Gateway

A recent SCAM has been reported to NWS via a member relating to a refund entitlement from HM Revenue and Customs based on an alleged recalculation of personal “fiscal activity “. The notification is sent by email and invites the recipient to claim the refund directly onto their credit /debit card by clicking on a listed gateway link.

• The Government Gateway is a one way process to allow taxpayers to access their accounts online. Government Gateway would not directly communicate with the individual by email.
• Note any spelling mistakes and language used “ fiscal activity”
• Note any indications that the email was created via a non UK keyboard – use of strange lettering and symbols on text.
• If you are eligible for a tax refund or due to pay more tax this would be transmitted via a written letter
• Any over or underpayment would show on your tax account which you should be able to access yourself via HMRC or the Government Gateway. You would never need to make a claim for money owed to you by HMRC.

These type of SCAMS can come in many forms. To avoid being a victim
• Always be suspicious of unsolicited emails from anyone claiming to be a Government body or Bank
• Never click on links or use phone numbers provided by an email
• Only use your own legitimate access process – Telephone numbers for your Bank, Tax Account etc. from official paperwork, websites.
• Ensure your email security and spam settings are appropriate and keep your computer or device updated with relevant security software from your system provider / operator
• To avoid Phone SCAMS consider investing in a call blocker phone
• Delete suspicious or unknown emails. If legitimate, contact will be made by other means
• Inform Action Fraud –

Message sent by
Willie Clark (NHWN, Community Engagement Officer, NW Scotland)

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Date: 02/06/2017