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Phoney Phone Scam

We have received a report from a Scottish Borders in relation to a scammer claiming to be from BT.

The scammers posed as a BT technician, calling the resident stating that there was a technical fault with their broadband connection. The resident questioned how they knew he was actually from BT; the scammer was able to provide sufficient information to convince the resident that they were legitimate. The resident had had previous issues with their BT broadband connection and the initial contact was similar.

The scammer then talked the resident through a series of steps on their laptop that ultimately provided the scammer with full access to their laptop including all their personal information.

Scammers are becoming more proficient and professional. They have sufficient knowledge to convince residents that they are legitimate and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify what is a legitimate contact and what is a scam.

To avoid social engineering attacks such as this one,
• Never reveal personal or financial data including usernames, passwords, PINs, or ID numbers.
• Remember that a bank or other reputable organisation will never ask you for your password via email or phone call.
• If you receive a phone call requesting confidential information, verify it is authentic by asking for a full and correct spelling of the person’s name and a call back number.
• If you are asked by a caller to cut off the call and phone your bank or card provider, call the number on your bank statement or other document from your bank – or on the back of your card – but be sure to use another phone from the one you received the call on. If you cannot access another phone, be sure to hang up for at least five minutes before you dial out, or call a friend (whose voice you recognise) before making another call.

For more information or advice on social engineering attacks or similar visit the Get Safe Online website

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Date: 12/04/2017