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Hallowe'en Safety Tips

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland wishes everyone an enjoyable Halloween, however here are some tips to make it a safe one.

Parents and young people are asked to consider the following advice if out and about trick or treating:

• Plan your route
• If you have a mobile phone, make sure you look after it so that parents/guardian can keep in touch
• Stay in well-lit areas and carry a torch
• Young children should always be with an adult
• Only approach houses with a light on
• Don't enter a house unless you know the person
• Be visible, it will be dark and it's important that passing traffic can see you
• If possible make your costume out of flame resistant material
• Keep costumes and wigs away from candles
• Hem costumes so you don’t trip or fall
• Remember that it might be raining so wear appropriate clothing that keeps you dry but still lets you show off your costume

Also it is worth remembering that not everyone enjoys Halloween. For the more vulnerable it can a frightening time, so:
• Don't frighten elderly people or younger children
• If a sign says 'No trick or treat', respect that person's wishes and move on
• Don’t approach unfamiliar pets and animals. They could get very scared
• Consider having a party at home instead of trick or treating
• If partying at home - remember battery operated candles and lanterns are safer!

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Date: 31/10/2016