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BT Phone Call Scam

Residents in the Scottish Borders have received phone calls from both male and female callers claiming to be from BT, the callers tell the resident they have been the recipient of unwanted/malicious files.

The caller goes on to state that these files would corrupt the system, affect the working speed, affect the speed of the Internet and would ultimately cause the computer to crash. The caller who was very plausible said they could lead the householder through a series of steps that would remove this problem.

Had the resident followed the steps, access would have been gained to their computer and all of their personal files, passwords and personal details etc.

BT and similar companies will not cold call you in this way and will not ask to gain access to your computer. If in any doubt at all do not engage with this type of cold call.

For further advice on dealing with bogus phone callers visit the Police Scotland website at

Message sent by
Kirsty Neish (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders)

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Date: 22/08/2016