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Unlocked Vehicles in Jedburgh

This information has been sent on behalf of Scottish Borders Council

Owners of vehicles in Jedburgh town centre have reported returning to their car to find that it was no longer locked. These vehicles had been secured by their owners prior to being left unattended.

The cause of this 'unlocking' is currently unknown and is being investigated by local officers. Police Scotland ask that residents in the Jedburgh area check their vehicles and ensure nothing has been removed.

Keep your car safe when parked;
lock all items out of sight, don't leave anything on display and take valuables with you.
Leave the glove box empty and open.
If you have a Sat Nav., hide the cradle and take the system with you. Don't forget to wipe the suction marks of the window.
If you have personal correspondence in the vehicle take it all with you. Don't give others access to important personal information.
Use electronic or mechanical immobiliser such as a steering lock.
If you have an alarm then make sure it's set.
For more information on how to keep your vehicle safe visit the Police Scotland website.

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Date: 06/05/2016