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Police Report for November & December 2015

Maxton and Mertoun Community Council

Date of meeting: 21/01/2016

The statistics are for November & December 2015 (the January 2016 statistics are not yet published).

Severe weather has affected the area through December and into the New Year affecting the roads and verges. Please be mindful for your safety and be aware of any road dangers presented by flooding, pot holes, soft verges and falling road side trees and branches etc.

Speeding/Road Traffic
9 Road Checks were carried out in the Area during November and December 2015, 1 Speeding Offence, 1 Mobile Phone Offence and 1 Seat Belt Offence were detected.
A speed check was carried out in Maxton on 16/12/15 which resulted in 1 speeding offence being detected. The driver was charged and issued with fixed penalty ticket.

Rural Thefts
No Rural Thefts have been recorded in the St Boswells area during November and December.

Youth antisocial behaviour
There has been no recorded incidents of youth anti-social behaviour for the Maxton area during November and December and no recorded stop and searches in the ward area during the month.

There are no persons subject to Anti Social Behaviour monitoring for the Maxton Area. (1 Person in St Boswells is currently on Anti Social Behaviour monitoring). 1 Anti Social Behaviour Fixed Penalty was issued in the Jedburgh area.

Incidents of note Maxton & Mertoun
03/12/15- Due to the severe weather (Storm Desmond) 6 Cottages at Maidenhall Farm Cottages, St Boswells were flooded by field run off. Fire & Rescue attended at the properties and sand bags were provided by SBC.

29/12/15- a single vehicle collision occurred on the B6404 near Millfield road end. No injuries were sustained.

08/01/16- a single vehicle collision occurred on the A699 near Rutherford. Slight injuries were sustained by the vehicle occupants.

10/01/16- a deer carcass was found discarded by the road side near Benrig Cemetery. The carcass which had been dismembered showed evidence of having been shot. Police are investigating possible Deer Poaching activity beginning in the area.

11/01/16- a single vehicle collision occurred on the A699 near Greycrook. No injuries were sustained.

Incidents of note occurring outwith Ward Area
06/12/15-Approximately 700 of heating oil was stolen form tanks at Hawkslee Farmhouse, Newtown St Boswells. No suspects were seen. (Please be mindful of tank security and report any suspicious activity to Police)

Crime Prevention
Police Scotland urge our communities to be vigilant to any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and call Police Scotland immediately on 101 or alternatively can call the Crimestoppers number anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Date: 20/01/2016