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Ready for Winter?

2014 saw one of the warmest winters on record and the government’s research shows that Scots are generally reluctant to prepare for winter or feel they are already prepared. The same research, however, suggests that Scots are not ready with only 41% having an ice scraper and de-icer in their car.

Scots are being encouraged to take time now to prepare for winter rather than wait until severe weather strikes. While extreme weather can happen at any time of year, winter remains the time of greatest risk.

The big danger this year is complacence.

The unpredictability of weather patterns means we cannot simply hope that we will miss the worst of it. While we can’t stop the weather causing disruption, we can be well prepared to cope with it. By taking some time now, we can make sure we are ready in our homes, workplaces, communities and when we travel this winter.

In your community

In previous years severe weather left some people vulnerable. Helping each other a little can make a big difference, and planning now can save a lot of trouble later.
• Identify family or neighbours who may need an extra helping hand in severe weather
• Have their phone numbers to hand
• Offer to help with grocery shopping or other essential tasks
• Clear ice or snow from pathways
• There are many great opportunities to help others by volunteering with an existing organisation. Contact
• Think about what your Neighbourhood Watch group can do to help others during bad weather.
Communities across Scotland have already made plans to cope when severe weather strikes. See how other communities have worked together to get ready for severe weather and other emergencies at the website below.

If you want to play a part in making your community more prepared, more info on help and support is available at

Also consider downloading the Ready Scotland App to your smartphone.

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Peter Kirwan (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, Communications Officer, Scotland)

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Date: 28/11/2015