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“No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative - Initial Letter


Lothian and Borders Police - “No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative.

Some of you may have read recent articles in the Press regarding a “No Cold Calling Zone” Initiative, which is already running in various areas in Berwickshire, all of Gattonside, two roads in Kelso and one road in Galashiels. Police recently presented what is involved to the Neighbourhood Watch and we have decided to consider such a scheme.

The term Cold Callers covers a wide range of situations including uninvited callers who offer services that are unnecessary, of a poor standard or overpriced and also those using their visit as a distraction to carry out theft.

The objective of a no cold caller zone is to discourage cold callers in specific areas. It overtly tells potential callers that they are not welcome and more importantly gives residents the confidence to say “NO” to any callers that do attend.

Overt signs that are located on lampposts at the settlement entrance visibly identify a zone. Also residents receive double-sided window stickers.

Residents are then given practical advice on what to do in the event of a cold caller coming to their address, both in terms of dealing with the caller and then what to do once they have left.

The main point to be made is that rogue traders and cold callers will tend to avoid an area that gives a clear indication that they will not be welcome. Residents do not have to open the door as the area is clearly designated as a no cold calling zone. If a caller is spoken to then the resident can refer to the sticker to back up their message. If a caller is persistent then it may be appropriate to call the police. This would also apply to anyone acting suspiciously in the area. Entering a zone is not a crime but those with any criminal intent tend to avoid them.

Maxton Neighbourhood Watch is surveying all the households in the area with the purpose of gauging the interest of the residents. Lothian and Borders Police would like to have a majority of residents accepting the proposal before it goes ahead.

If the decision is made to proceed with a “No Cold Calling Zone” in the area, a full information package of details explaining it will be provided by Lothian and Borders Police, along with suitable signs and stickers. We would distribute these.

Once up and running, the scheme will virtually run itself, however one or two residents may be required as coordinators.

We would be obliged if you would register your interest or non-interest in the above scheme by using the tear off slip at the bottom of this page. Please do so by 1st June. You can hand deliver them or post them.

Thank you.

Maxton Neighbourhood Watch May 2012

Charlie Denoon
Elm Cottage
I agree a “No Cold Calling Zone” should be created.
I Do Not agree a “No Cold Calling Zone” should be created.

Address: ……………………………………..
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Date: 17/05/2012