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Neighbourhood Watch Week: Scam Safety Day

“£23.6m was lost in 2014 as a result of people directly transferring money from their own bank account into a fraudster’s”

Our friends south of the border, Neighbourhood & Home Watch are also celebrating Neighbourhood Watch Week this week.

In partnership with Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) and with support from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) they are focusing on phone scams all week.

South of the border, Neighbourhood & Home Watch’s 173,000 volunteers will be visiting people on their doorsteps to warn them of the dangers of phone scams.

Here in Scotland, Neighbourhood & Watch Scotland is also supporting this initiative and would encourage you to tell friends and family to be suspicious if asked to transfer money from their own account to another regardless of who is asking or the reason purportedly given.

As part of our support for the initiative we’ve published an interview with Laura Jamieson of Trading Standards Scotland on callblockers.

Callblockers have already helped many people to protect themselves from phone scams and this video covers a range of questions including:

- What is a callblocker and why do people use them?
- Which callblocker should we buy?
- Do they really work? Do they block the calls?
- How easy are they to use?

Please have a look at the video and, if you find it informative, please share it with friends and family

Attached to this message you’ll also find more information on phone fraud and how family and friends can protect themselves against it.

We've also published a piece on postal scams over at the Age Scotland blog on how everyone can decrease the incidence of mail fraud.

Message sent by
Peter Kirwan (Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, Communications Officer, Scotland)

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Date: 24/06/2015