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Walks at Old Melrose


Mondays from Easter till October
A guided walk covering 2,000 years of history, including the original monastery site.
Old Melrose Tearoom, off A68 south of Newtown
St Boswells.

2 children free
Tel: 01896 822339

During the walks we see how the River Tweed loops back through 180 degrees to form a peninsula or headland that 2000 years ago was bereft of trees a bare headland or "Mael Ros" in the language of the ancient British tribes. We hear how a group of Irish monks came to Mael Ros by way of Iona and Lindisfarne to establish a religious community. We look at the remains of the vallum, the great ditch and earthwork rampart crossing the peninsula to separate the monks' sacred enclave from the outside world. And we learn how a young Anglo-Saxon nobleman called Cuthbert was taught by Boisil (St Boswell), Prior of Mael Ros, before going on to become one of Christianity's most important figures in North Britain and beyond.

The walks start from the Old Melrose Tearoom at 1.30 pm on the first Monday of each month between Easter and October. A contribution of 2 per adult is asked for in support of the archaeological project, children being free.

Walks at Old Melrose , Scotland

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Date: 28/03/2016