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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council held on 24th March 2016


MINUTES of the MEETING held at MAXTON VILLAGE HALL on Thursday 24th March 2016

Isobel Veitch, Penny Harvey, Jackie Price, Andrew Leitch, and Trudy Leitch

Apologies: Gemma Cargill and Councillor Rory Stewart

In Attendance:

Members of the Public Present: two

Chairpersons Welcome:
Andrew welcomed all present.

Councillor Rory Stewart’s Report:
No report available.

Community Beat Officer John Dawson’s Police Report
Pleasingly there have been very few incidents for the Maxton and Mertoun Ward area since the date of the last meeting in January, 2016.

Incidents of note Maxton & Mertoun
24/02/2016-Police were called to neighbour dispute in Maxton Village arising from a dispute over parking. No Charges were made and advice was given, the matter is now being monitored by Police.
08/03/16- a single vehicle collision occurred on the A699 near Roxburgh Newton Farm where the vehicle left the road and came to rest in a field. The Driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries.
14/03/16-Police are investigating the unexpected death of an Adult male at Dalcove Cottages, Dalcove Mains. There are no suspicious circumstances and Police report has been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

Speeding/Road Traffic
6 Road Checks were carried out in the Area during January and February,
2016. 1 Speeding Offence and 1 Mobile Phone Offence were detected.
A speed check was carried out in Maxton on 04/03/16, no speeding offences were detected.

Rural Thefts
No Rural Thefts have been recorded in the St Boswells area during January and February.

Youth antisocial behaviour
There have been no recorded incidents of youth anti-social behaviour for the Maxton area during January and February and no recorded stop and searches in the ward area during the month.
There are no persons subject to Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring for the Maxton Area. (1 Person in St Boswells is currently on Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring). 1 Anti-Social Behaviour Fixed Penalty was issued in the Jedburgh area.

Crime Prevention
Residents are urged to be vigilant of any suspicious activity and contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. You can also contact your Community Beat Officer PC3432 at Selkirk Police Station or e-mail

Minutes of meeting on 21st January 2016: Adoption of Minutes
Proposed as a correct record by: - Jackie Price
Seconded by: Penny Harvey

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Bulbs –Andrew has planted all bulbs at Maxton and Jackie planted those given to Clintmains. Although some are popping up the main show will be next year. Andrew suggested funding be set aside for more bulbs to be planted next year. Well done Andrew and Jackie.
Clintmains speed limit has been reduced to 30 m.p.h. but some motorist still exceeding limit.
The planters in Maxton Playpark should be filled as quoted by Stuart Young of SBC at a total cost of £131.30 before the end of this financial year and invoiced accordingly.
Clintmains requires two planters to be placed at the new 30mph signs and an additional two planters and a bench to be placed next to the telephone box for the use of walkers. Costing for this is taken into account for the end of year accrual.

Clintmains telephone box – Since the Notice to Complete was received and ownership has passed to Maxton & Mertoun Community Council the telephone and electricity has been removed.
The box has been painted and the broken glass is awaiting replacement. This work has been undertaken by SBC and it is not known what cost may be involved for this work. The casing for the defibrillator has been costed at £333.
The defibrillator requires 24v of electricity and Isobel suggested solar power may be a consideration but said Sheila Campbell of Crailing, Eckford and Nisbet Community Council would be able to assist as they have already been through the process. Isobel will pass on her email address and any information she can find relating to this so that Jackie can speak to her directly.

Proposed Planning Application at Dryburgh
Andrew submitted an objection on behalf of the Community Council receipt of which was acknowledged by SBC. There has been no further response so it is a case of watch this space.

Treasurers Report:
Current balance of account is £2,740.82 less £2,149.00, set aside for planned accrual, leaving £560.82 available in credit.

Balance at 31st March 2015 in credit £2,406.06
SBC accommodation cost reimbursement £150.00 £2,556.06
SBC annual Community Council Grant £630.00 £3,186.06
Bank interest paid £ 0.75 £3,186.81
Maxton 21 hall rental paid £135.00 £3,051.81
Project – Clintmains £ 1.00 £3,050.81
Project – Bulbs and compost £340.99 £2,709.82 £2,709.82
Accruals for proposed projects
Maxton Village enhancement scheme £ 500.00
Maxton plants and bulbs playpark planters £ 300.00
Clintmains Plants, 4 planters, compost+bench £ 850.00
Clintmains –telephone box project £ 499.00 (£1.00 paid to BT for purchase)

-£2,149.00 Less Accrual £2,149.00
Total Available Funds £ 560.82

Concerns and Issues Raised by Members of the Community:
Residents of Main Street Maxton report continued increase in speed of vehicles.
Broadband speeds continue to be a problem for residents.
A local resident raised concern at the amount of roadside litter from the A68 junction and continuing on the A699 through Maxton and beyond. Turning right off the main road onto the Morridgehall Road the amount of litter, particularly McDonald’s food wrappers and cups that have been discarded is really disgusting.
Andrew will raise their concerns with Councillor Stewart

New Members of the Community Council:
Stevie Deacon is now able to attend and will submit forms to again become a community councillor.
There are still two vacancies – why not come along and see if you would like to become involved?
In particular we are seeking a new treasurer and secretary so if you can help please come along.

Correspondence: Various:
Mail dealt with at meeting:

• HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Commemorative Medal for Schools and Councils
To commemorate the event Tower Mint have produced a 2016 collector medal at a cost of £1.99.excluding carriage and vat. Minimum orders of 50 can be taken. No order accepted under 10 units. Units 10-49 will also incur a £10 additional administration fee.
The community Council agreed that no orders would be placed.

• Borders National Park? Update – Progress in idea of developing a National Park designation in the Scottish Borders area. Lots of interest in concept, mostly positive, but some concerns raised by farmers who worry about greater regulations, and the issue of affordable housing for young people. Presentations have been given to Community councils and contact made with SBC with a view to put a proposal to the whole Council, Councillors and officials. Work has started on a feasibility study, fundraising to pay for a full professional report. A conference is planned for November 2016, precise date yet to be decided, to bring everyone interested together.

• Annual Community Council Insurance form received for completion – Isobel will complete and return to SBC before 31st March 2016.

• The Pension Wise Service provided by Citizens Advice Bureau – funding confirmed for service to continue in Scottish Borders. The service was initiated to provide a free impartial and confidential guidance service to assist people make decisions about their Defined Contribution Pension Pots. This was particularly important after the new Pensions Freedoms announced by the government in April 2015. The service is available to anyone aged 50 years and over who has a Defined Contribution Pension. The service provides vital information on what options people have with their pensions.

It is particularly useful for people who are 55 and over who may be considering accessing their pensions, especially as taking different options can have a considerable effect on their tax return and any state benefits they are receiving. It is a crucial service to help people become aware of what they can and cannot do and what impact their decisions may have on other financial issues. CAB and Pension Wise are hugely aware of scams and pensions are being particularly aggressively targeted. These scams will be highlighted at appointment with CAB.

• SBC notification of amendments to Local Development Plan – unclear whether this was still under review or was now being implemented. Councillor Stewart will look into this.

Other information which may be of interest
• Introducing Local Energy Scotland – New website and access Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

• SBC publicising a new emergency messaging service (launched Thursday 23rd October) the aim of the scheme is to inform local communities of up to date weather forecasts, utility failures and emergency advice. Info available at (signing up required)

• Local Community Paths: Maintenance grants for Community Councils
Find out more about path networks in your area by visiting the following websites:

• Electronic Planning Consultation
Community Councils are encouraged to start submitting responses to planning applications in their area electronically by sending them to
All planning information can be found online by following the hyperlink:


Date of, Time and Venue for Next Meeting
Thursday 21st April 2016
7.00pm – 8:30pm
Maxton Village Hall

All members of the two communities are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to make a difference to their communities, your thoughts and concerns are of interest to all your Community Councillors.

Future Meeting Dates 2016
Thursday - 21st April 2016
AGM Thursday 19th May 2016 and brief planning meeting
Thursday – 16th June 2016
No Meeting in July
Thursday – 18th August 2016
Thursday – 15th September 2016
Thursday – 20th October 2016
Thursday – 17th November 2016
No Meeting in December any urgent business will be dealt with via the phone/e-mail prior to the January 2017 Meeting.

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Date: 24/03/2016