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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council of 21st January 2016


MINUTES of the MEETING Held at MAXTON VILLAGE HALL on Thursday 21st January 2016

Isobel Veitch, Penny Harvey, Jackie Price, Andrew Leitch, and Trudy Leitch

Apologies: Gemma Cargill

In Attendance: Councillor Rory Stewart

Members of the Public Present: two

Chairpersons Welcome:
Andrew wished everyone a happy new year and welcomed all present.

Councillor Rory Stewart’s Report:
Councillor Stewart said he had not a lot to report as the council was currently busy with budgets as the grant from the Scottish Government was due to be reduced by 3.4%. It is likely Education and Social Work will be most affected by the cuts but the Scottish Government has still to announce the final budgets.
SBC has also been occupied by the recent flooding throughout the Borders but on a positive note the money spent on flood prevention at Jedburgh had been successful.

Community Beat Officer John Dawson’s Police Report
The statistics are for November & December 2015 (the January 2016 statistics are not yet published).

Firstly wishing Maxton and Mertoun Community Council Members a Happy New Year.

Severe weather has affected the area through December and into the New Year affecting the roads and verges. Please be mindful for your safety and be aware of any road dangers presented by flooding, pot holes, soft verges and falling road side trees and branches etc.

Incidents of note Maxton & Mertoun
03/12/15- Due to the severe weather (Storm Desmond) 6 Cottages at Maidenhall Farm Cottages, St Boswells were flooded by field run off. Fire & Rescue attended at the properties and sand bags were provided by SBC.
29/12/15- a single vehicle collision occurred on the B6404 near Millfield road end. No injuries were sustained.
08/01/16- a single vehicle collision occurred on the A699 near Rutherford. Slight injuries were sustained by the vehicle occupants.
10/01/16- a deer carcass was found discarded by the road side near Benrig Cemetery. The carcass which had been dismembered showed evidence of having been shot. Police are investigating possible Deer Poaching activity beginning in the area.
11/01/16- a single vehicle collision occurred on the A699 near Greycrook. No injuries were sustained.
There were no incidents of note and there was only one reported incident.

Incident of note outwith CC area
06/12/15-Approximately £700 of heating oil was stolen from tanks at Hawkslee Farmhouse, Newtown St Boswells. No suspects were seen. (Please be mindful of tank security and report any suspicious activity to Police)

Speeding/Road Traffic
9 Road Checks were carried out in the Area during November and December 2015, 1 Speeding Offence, 1 Mobile Phone Offence and 1 Seat Belt Offence were detected.
A speed check was carried out in Maxton on 16/12/15 which resulted in 1 speeding offence being detected.
The driver was charged and issued with fixed penalty ticket.

Rural Thefts
No Rural Thefts have been recorded in the St Boswells area during November and December.

Youth antisocial behaviour
There have been no recorded incidents of youth anti-social behaviour for the Maxton area during November and December and no recorded stop and searches in the ward area during the month.
There are no persons subject to Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring for the Maxton Area. (1 Person in St Boswells is currently on Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring). 1 Anti-Social Behaviour Fixed Penalty was issued in the Jedburgh area.

Residents are urged to be vigilant of any suspicious activity and contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. You can also contact your Community Beat Officer PC3432 at Selkirk Police Station or e-mail

Minutes of meeting on 19th November 2015: Adoption of Minutes
Proposed as a correct record by: - Jackie Price
Seconded by: Penny Harvey

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Bulbs –Andrew has given bulbs to Jackie for the new Clintmains planters and will plant bulbs in the Maxton planters and distribute in the community.

Clintmains area residents have till 9th February 2016 to raise any objections to the speed limit being reduced to 30 m.p.h. If there are no objections received the speed limit will be implemented much to the delight of our two community council residents.

It was agreed that the planters in Maxton Playpark should be filled as quoted by Stuart Young of SBC at a total cost of £131.30.

Clintmains telephone box – Since the Notice to Complete was received and ownership has passed to Maxton & Mertoun Community Council the telephone has been removed. Jackie has been in touch with Colin Baxter who has received funding to develop an app showing defibrillators in the borders and identifying the nearest to your location. He has also recommended a firm in Selkirk which can provide the casing for the defibrillator and would offer a 20% saving on price and provide ongoing support and free replacement pads. The estimated cast is £350. The group were in agreement to proceed with this.
Jackie intends setting up training at Mertoun Hall for everyone interested in how to use the defibrillators. She hopes to get a good attendance from the estate workers. It was suggested she also set a training date at Maxton which was agreed.

Proposed Planning Application at Dryburgh
A resident of Dryburgh attended the meeting to express their concern at the development that has already taken place without planning permission and the proposed redevelopment of farm buildings to create 5 holiday cottages and provide a total of 14 parking places in what is a conservation area of great beauty and tranquillity. Also concern that Historic Scotland do not seem to have been involved in redevelopments.
The access is via a single track road which currently is used by local residents and farm vehicles. This results in vehicles having to reverse to allow vehicles to pass and the opinion that to substantially increase this traffic would result in endangerment to life and limb. The suggestion to build another road for access is also considered inappropriate as it would significantly change the landscape and beauty of the area.
Those present unanimously agreed to support the resident and submit an objection from the Community Council primarily based on access concerns and preservation in a conservation area.
Andrew will submit the objection on our behalf.

Treasurers Report:
Current balance of account is £2,753.55 less £1,899.00 set aside for planned accrual, leaving £854.55 available in credit.

Balance at 31st March 2015 in credit £2,406.06
SBC accommodation cost reimbursement £150.00 £2,556.06
SBC annual Community Council Grant £630.00 £3,186.06
Bank interest paid £ 0.49 £3,186.55
Project – Clintmains £ 1.00 £3,185.55
Project – Bulbs £327.00 £2,858.55
Maxton 21 hall rental paid £105.00 £2,753.55
Accruals for proposed projects
Maxton Village enhancement scheme£ 500.00
Compost playpark planters £ 200.00
Plants playpark planters £ 200.00
Clintmains –telephone box project £ 499.00 (£1.00 paid to BT for purchase)
Old railway drainage + clear paths £ 500.00
-£1,899.00 Less Accrual £1,899.00
Total Available Funds £ 854.55

Concerns and Issues Raised by Members of the Community:
Residents of Main Street Maxton report continued increase in speed of vehicles.

Broadband speeds continue to be a problem for residents.
A local resident raised the issue of the cleaning of public toilets in the borders. In his line of work he is often forced to use public toilets and although he does see someone replace paper and give toilet bowls a quick clean there does not seem to be a regular cleaning regime for walls floors etc. He has particularly found the toilets at Morebattle and Yetholm to be particularly offensive. Councillor Stewart said he would pass this query on and in particular to the councillor covering the Morebattle and Yetholm area.

New Members of the Community Council:
There are still two vacancies – why not come along and see if you would like to become involved?

Correspondence: Various:
Mail dealt with at meeting:

• SBC notification of proposed planning permission for removal of partition wall and installation of wood burning stove at The Glebe Maxton. No objections were raised.

• SBC notification of amendments to Local Development Plan – unclear whether this was still under review or was now being implemented. Councillor Stewart will look into this.

Other information which may be of interest
• Introducing Local Energy Scotland – New website and access Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

• SBC publicising a new emergency messaging service (launched Thursday 23rd October) the aim of the scheme is to inform local communities of up to date weather forecasts, utility failures and emergency advice. Info available at (signing up required)

• Local Community Paths: Maintenance grants for Community Councils
Find out more about path networks in your area by visiting the following websites:

• Electronic Planning Consultation
Community Councils are encouraged to start submitting responses to planning applications in their area electronically by sending them to
All planning information can be found online by following the hyperlink:

It was agreed to cancel the accrual for the planned drainage and pathway on the old railway line totalling £500.00. The members agreed this project was too ambitious and the cost would be too high for our limited resources.

Isobel will be leaving the Community Council at the AGM on 19th May 2016. Therefore the posts of Treasurer will require to be filled. The post of Secretary is also vacant and requires filling.

Date of, Time and Venue for Next Meeting
Thursday 18th February 2016
7.00pm – 8:30pm
Maxton Village Hall

All members of the two communities are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to make a difference to their communities, your thoughts and concerns are of interest to all your Community Councillors.

Future Meeting Dates 2016

Thursday - 21st April 2016
AGM Thursday 19th May 2016 and brief planning meeting
Thursday – 16th June 2016
No Meeting in July
Thursday – 18th August 2016
Thursday – 15th September 2016
Thursday – 20th October 2016
Thursday – 17th November 2016
No Meeting in December any urgent business will be dealt with via the phone/e-mail prior to the January 2017 Meeting.

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Date: 21/01/2016