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Maxton & Mertoun Community Council Minutes of 2014 - 2015 Annual General Meeting Held on 21st May 2015

Maxton & Mertoun Community Council

Minutes of 2014 - 2015 Annual General Meeting

Held on 21st May 2015 at Maxton Village Hall

Present: Andrew Leitch, Trudy Leitch, Penny Harvey, and Isobel Veitch

Apologies: Councillor Rory Stewart

In Attendance:

Members of Public: Three

1. Chairpersons Welcome:
The Chairperson thanked those present for attending.

2. Minutes of the AGM 2014:
Minutes of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council for 5th June 2014 were read, it was agreed there were no outstanding issues to be dealt with in the minute.

3. Approval of 2014 AGM Minute:
Proposed as a true record of the meeting CC Penny Harvey
Seconded CC Isobel Veitch

4. Chairman’s report to Maxton and Mertoun Community Council for the year 2014 – 2015.

It’s fair to say the last twelve months have been pretty mixed in what has happened to us as a CC, we have made some gains but also lost personnel along the way.

First the people, Stevie’s membership lapsed some time ago and he has not stood for re-election, so that left us one member down, then in the early part of 2015 Malcolm moved from the village leaving us a second person down, significant numbers when we are such a small group. I would just like to record my thanks on behalf of everyone to both of them for their time on Maxton and Mertoun CC and wish them well in the future.

Next to some more positive items and probably our biggest achievement was finally, after many years of campaigning was the installation of the kerbing at the west end of the village, from the Glebe Lane to almost the gate into the field. It looks so much better and will have a positive traffic calming measures and stop further road erosion. Perhaps it can unofficially be known as Ann’s kerb? Other material changes include two new benches, one at the west end of the village near to the existing one, a popular spot for walkers to stop and take a breather and the other down in the wood on St. Cuthberts Way, replacing the old seat. This does look slightly out of place in a woodland setting but it will serve its purpose. Plans for a third seat up the Muirhouselaw road were turned down on safety grounds, a shame as it would have been practical and a nice spot to sit and enjoy the countryside. We also finally got our new goal post from SBC, it seemed to take an age but it is in place and looks good.

We made contact with members of the public at Clintmains who are looking to try and use the old BT phone box as a defibrillator point, they attended a meeting and we will work with them on this and may even get some new CC members?

Finally thanks to everyone for their continued support in keeping the CC alive, we are very small in number but as the above shows we punch above our weight, this is only achieved by team work and us all pulling together. Particular thanks to Isobel for continuing to take and write up the minutes, a role she did not sign up for. Last but by no means least a big thanks to Cllr Rory Stewart for his time in attending meetings, taking our gripes and issues back to SBC and being a very supportive local member.

Here’s to our next twelve months.

Andrew Y. Leitch, 21.05.15.

5. Treasurers Report:
The Treasurer presented to accounts for 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015

Balance C/F: £2,252.36

Income: SBC Reimbursement of rent £ 150.00
SBC Annual Grant 2014 £ 630.00
Bank Interest £ 0.80
TOTAL: £ 3,033.16

Expenditure: Project Playpark, 2 benches & base £ 477.10
Hall Rental £ 150.00
TOTAL £ 627.10

Balance as at 31st March 2015 in credit £2,406.06

Accrual for planned projects 2015-2016
Maxton Village enhancement scheme £ 500.00
Estimated cost of Daffodil bulbs and plants for Maxton Main street £ 300.00
Estimated cost of compost for two new planters in playpark £ 200.00
Estimated cost of plants for two planters in playpark £ 200.00
Old Railway Project – drainage and path clearance £ 500.00
Clintmains telephone kiosk project £ 500.00 - £2,200.00
Total available funds £ 206.06

The Chairperson thanked the Treasurer for all her work over the past year and offered the CC’s thanks to Pauline Spengler for once again verifying the accounts for 2014-15, both have carried out their tasks in a very professional manner.

6. pCode of Conduct for Community Councillors, the Chairperson highlighted the need for all Community Councillors in the Scottish Borders to commit them to this code and agree to abide by it in its entirety. All those present made this commitment openly and without prejudice. The Chairperson thanked them for their commitment.

7. Appointment of appropriately qualified person to scrutinise and approve the CC Accounts for April 2015 to end of March 2016:

Pauline Spengler has agreed once again to undertake this task on behalf of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council. Isobel asked to thank her for her offer on behalf of CC members.

8. Office Bearers; Andrew will continue in post as Chairperson, Isobel will continue as Treasurer but she would like others to consider providing assistance with covering the Secretary post. Isobel happy to provide any assistance required and Penny said she would assist where possible.

The formal part of the AGM finished at this point:

Verified as a correct account of the AGM 2014-2015


Chairperson ………………………………………………………………………

Treasurer ………………………………………………………………………

Date ………………../………………………../ 2015

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Date: 21/05/2015