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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council of 20th November 2014



Held at MAXTON VILLAGE HALL on Thursday 20th November 2014

Present: Isobel Veitch, Penny Harvey, Andrew Leitch, and Trudy Leitch

Apologies: Councillor Rory Stewart, Malcolm Hosie, and Stevie Deacon

In Attendance: C.B.O. John Dawson

Members of the Public Present: one

Chairpersons Welcome: Chairperson welcomed everyone.

Councillor Rory Stewart’s Report:
Councillor Stewart was unable to attend due to illness but he did forward a proposal by the SBC Roads Department to kerb the main road from the Maxton Church turnoff for 130 meters west. This will involve excavation and lying of kerb, reinstatement of asphalt on front of kerb to secure and backfill soil behind kerb to verge.

Community Beat Officers Police John Dawson’s Report
No offences in Maxton and Mertoun area.
One incident when a road user expressed concern at a woman who was on Mertoun bridge. Police attended and she was known to have mental health issues. She was returned home safely.
A Jack Russell terrier was found in Muirhouselaw area – fortunately it was identity tagged and was returned to its owner.
A car has been left in the Maxton car park and this was reported to police who are looking into the matter.

Minutes of 23rd October 2014: Adoption of Minutes
Proposed as a correct record by: - Trudy Leitch
Seconded by: Isobel Veitch

Matters Arising from the Minute:
4 Meadowbank – now in possession of Borders Housing Association and work in progress. Old garage and other sheds etc. have been removed and two workmen continuing to clear house and garden.

Benches - Andrew met an officer of the council regarding three benches, one to be placed in Muirhouselaw Road, second at west end of Maxton village, and third to replace plank at top of stairs next to Maxton church.

Bulbs - Malcolm has received the daffodil and crocus bulbs but has yet to be reimbursed for the cost.

Defibrillator at Clintmains telephone box – Andrew e-mailed the lady who was requesting the defibrillator funding but has received no response. Isobel contacted Councillor Stewart as he was looking into costs as Eckford is currently looking into placing a defibrillator in their telephone box currently used as an information centre. He forwarded an e-mail with attachment but unfortunately there seems to be some problem with the file. Isobel e-mailed a member of Eckford CC but is awaiting a response.

Treasurers Report:
Current balance of account is £2,555.66 less £1,200 set aside for planned accrual, leaving £1,355.66 available in credit

Balance at 31st March 2014 in credit £2,252.36
SBC accommodation cost reimbursement £150.00
SBC annual Community Council Grant £630.00
Bank interest paid £ 0.40

Project Playpark completed £477.10 £2,556.66
2 benches, battens, bark, posts & matting.

Accruals for proposed projects
Football Post + Net £ cancelled – to be funded by SBC grant
Wooden Bench £ cancelled – to be funded by SBC grant
Village enhancement scheme
Bulbs and plants for Main Street £ 300.00
Compost playpark planters £ 200.00
Plants playpark planters £ 200.00
Old railway drainage + clear paths £ 500.00
-£1,200.00 Less Accrual £1,200.00

Total Available Funds £ 1,355.66

Concerns and Issues Raised by Members of the Community:
A Maxton resident contacted the council regarding mushrooms growing in the wood chips surrounding play equipment in the park. She was concerned for other children as her own child had been about to eat them. She also complained about the grass not being lifted when the grass is cut as this makes it difficult for young children to walk and the rotting clumps of grass are unsightly and stain clothing.

New Members of the Community Council:
There are still two vacancies - one could be waiting on you!!

Correspondence: Various:
Mail dealt with at meeting:

• Scottish Borders Local Licensing Forum – currently has vacancies on the Forum for Young People & Persons resident within the Forum’s area – contact Anne Isles tel. 01835 825002 with reference CR32/1R/A1/\/SA for more details.

• Hello Communities – what’s new at Home Energy Scotland – check website for latest info?

• Introducing Local Energy Scotland – New website and access Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

• Scottish water - the launch of their annual winter warmer campaign. The email contained tips for protecting your household pipes during the colder months. Info to be found at www.scottishwater/winter.

• SBC publicising a new emergency messaging service (launched Thursday 23rd October) The aim of the scheme is to inform local communities of up to date weather forecasts, utility failures and emergency advice.
Info available at (signing up required)

• SBCCN Core Group minute of meeting held on 13th November 2014 received.

• Data Protection Registration Certificate received from Clare Malster. Valid 29/9/2009 till 28/9/2015

The Scottish Government have concluded a contract worth £264.3m for the extension of superfast broadband across 27 local authorities. It is anticipated that 85% of homes and businesses across Scotland will receive fibre broadband by the end of 2015, rising to around 95% by the end of 2017.
Currently only 4.98% of people across the South of Scotland have registered their demand.

• Local Community Paths: Maintenance grants for Community Councils
Find out more about path networks in your area by visiting the following websites:

• Electronic Planning Consultation
Community Councils are encouraged to start submitting responses to planning applications in their area electronically by sending them to
All planning information can be found online by following the hyperlink:

A.O.C.B. None

Maxton Village Hall is being painted inside from 12th January 2015 and this is expected to take approximately three weeks. Therefore the January 2015 meeting has been cancelled.

Date of, Time and Venue for Next Meeting
Thursday 12th February 2015
7.00pm – 9.00pm
Maxton Village Hall

All members of the two communities are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to make a difference to their communities, your thoughts and concerns are of interest to all your Community Councillors.

Future Meeting Dates 2015
Thursday – 12th February 2015
Thursday – 19th March 2015
Thursday – 23rd April 2015
AGM 21st May 2015 and Brief Planning Meeting
Thursday – 18th June 2015
No Meeting in July
Thursday – 20th August 2015
Thursday – 17th September 2015
Thursday – 22nd October 2015
Thursday – 19th November 2015
No Meeting in December any urgent business will be dealt with via the phone/e-mail prior to the January 2016 Meeting.

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Date: 20/11/2014