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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council of 24th April 2014


Held at MAXTON VILLAGE HALL on Thursday 24th April 2014

Present: Isobel Veitch, Penny Harvey, Andrew Leitch, Trudy Leitch, Stevie Deacon and Malcolm Hosie

Apologies: C.B.O. Karen McIlroy, Councillor Rory Stewart

In Attendance:

Members of the Public Present: two

Chairpersons Welcome: Chairperson welcomed everyone.

Councillor Rory Stewart’s Report:
Councillor Stewart e-mailed to say he was still at SBC and would unfortunately be unable to attend.

Community Beat Officers Police Report Karen was unable to attend.
The new report is more general than previously and covers Jedburgh and District

Report KE08 March 2014– 30 road safety checks were made. One ticket was issued for a seatbelt offence.
One call was made to Clintmains. No issues in Maxton area.

Minutes of 20th March 2014: Adoption of Minutes
Proposed as a correct record by: - Penny Harvey
Seconded by: Malcolm Hosie

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Resilient Community Plan - there has been no further contact from SBC– no news on request for reinstatement of a salt bins in Grantsfield and at the church.

Agreed to move forward with plan for picnic bench. Malcolm offered to transport and assemble if necessary. A meeting at Milestone planned for next week.

Still keen to move forward with possible old railway pathway for walkers and cyclists. Previous walk was done in winter but summer vegetation may make it more challenging. Malcolm hopes to undertake it with his dog to give another view.

SBC were contacted by Isobel regarding the goal post for the playpark. It was found that there had been confusion and they thought it had been cancelled because there was not enough room for the two posts originally planned. They had not picked up the e-mail advising them to proceed with one post to replace the existing one. Isobel asked them to proceed with this as soon as possible.

Treasurers Report:
Current balance of account is £2,464.93 less accommodation cost of £150 and £2,025 set aside for planned accrual, leaving £227.12 available in credit

Balance at 7th January 2014 in credit £2,464.93
Stationery £ 62.81
Maxton village hall rental cost £150.00
£212.81 £2252.12
Accruals for proposed projects
Football Post + Net £ 625.00
Wooden Bench £ 200.00
Village enhancement scheme
Bulbs for Main Street & playpark £ 300.00
Compost playpark planters £ 200.00
Plants playpark planters £ 200.00
Old railway drainage + clear paths £ 500.00
-£2,025.00 Less Accrual £2,025.00

Total Available Funds £ 227.12

Concerns and Issues Raised by Members of the Community:
No new issues raised.
Stevie Deacon paid a visit to the telephone box at Nisbet. It was as expected – a telephone box with information leaflets inside.
It was suggested that Mertoun Estate may want to take on the telephone box and some contact should be made with them for their views.

New Members of the Community Council:

There are still two vacancies - one could be waiting on you!!

Correspondence: Various:
Mail dealt with at meeting:

• Scottish Borders Local Licensing Forum – currently has vacancies on the Forum for Young People & Persons resident within the Forum’s area – contact Anne Isles tel. 01835 825002 with reference CR32/1R/A1/\/SA for more details.

• Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition 2014 – closing date for entries 30th May 2014.

• Temporary 30 mph speed limit and No Waiting on the A699 for the Border Union Show from 8.00 on 25th till 20.00 on 26th July 2014 in the vicinity of Springwood Park and temporary signs will be in place.

• Wooler Wheel Borderlands – Cycle challenge 17th May 2014 – raising money for Radio Borders – cash for kids – Mrs Beth Mills looking for help with marshalling. If you can help tel. 01668 283699 or e-mail

• Scottish Borders Community Councils’ Network meeting CHQ 15th May 2014 at 7 pm

• Hello Communities – what’s new at Home Energy Scotland – check website for latest info?

• Introducing Local Energy Scotland – New website and access Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

• Council Welcomes Baton Relay – will travel through Borders Wed 18th June 2014.

• Funding to celebrate the Commonwealth Games – grants of between £500 and £10,000 are available through The Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Celebrate’ funding scheme – celebrate through arts, sports, heritage, and community celebrations. For more information contact Jean Robertson, SBC’s Funding and Project Officer, on 01835826543 or

• The Big Lunch 2014 Countdown - UK annual get-together for neighbours. Everyone across Scotland is urged to get involved on Sunday 1st June 2014. Free packs can be requested online and include posters, invitations, an inspiration booklet and other materials to help organise a Big Lunch. See for advice.

The Scottish Government have concluded a contract worth £264.3m for the extension of superfast broadband across 27 local authorities. It is anticipated that 85% of homes and businesses across Scotland will receive fibre broadband by the end of 2015, rising to around 95% by the end of 2017.
Currently only 4.98% of people across the South of Scotland have registered their demand.

• Local Community Paths: Maintenance grants for Community Councils
Find out more about path networks in your area by visiting the following websites:

• Electronic Planning Consultation
Community Councils are encouraged to start submitting responses to planning applications in their area electronically by sending them to
All planning information can be found online by following the hyperlink:

A.O.C.B. None

Date of, Time and Venue for Next Meeting
Thursday 15th May 2014
7.00pm – 8.30pm
Maxton Village Hall

All members of the two communities are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to make a difference to their communities, your thoughts and concerns are of interest to all your Community Councillors.

Future Meeting Dates 2014
19th June 2014
21st August 2014
18th September 2014
23rd October 2014
20th November 2014

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Date: 12/05/2014