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Minutes of the Maxton & Mertoun Community Council Meeting of 20th March 2014


Held at MAXTON VILLAGE HALL on Thursday 20th March 2014

Present: Isobel Veitch, Penny Harvey, Andrew Leitch, Trudy Leitch, and Malcolm Hosie

Apologies: C.B.O. Karen McIlroy, Stevie Deacon

In Attendance: Councillor Rory Stewart

Members of the Public Present: One

Chairpersons Welcome: Chairperson welcomed everyone. Unfortunately only Isobel and Penny were able to attend the meeting on 20th February 2014 so the meeting could not continue without a quorum.

Councillor Rory Stewart’s Report:
Councillor Stewart reminded us of the Consultation on Review of Licensing Policy Statement and Introduction of Byelaws to Prohibit the Consumption of Alcohol in Designated Public Places - SBC Licensing Board Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. 12 week consultation due to be published.

£48000 made available to provide young drivers (17 – 25 year olds) in the borders with advanced driver training. This is surprising when other budgets are being severely cut but it is thought to be a good investment and will be quickly recovered if accidents and deaths are avoided as the cost of emergency services for young drivers is estimated to be £7.5 million per annum.

In education school attendance will reduce to 4.5 days per week with children stopping at 12 o’clock on a Friday commencing the next school year in August 2014. Inconvenience to working parents and resulting childcare crisis is unfortunate.

Cuts to NHS and Social Work budgets have yet to be decided.

New rail link progressing well and timetable will soon be released.

Jedburgh will be the home of the first distillery in the borders. The old Jed Forest Hotel is being renovated as a home for the owner. Gin and vodka will be produced by 2015 and it is expected to provide 40-50 new full time jobs and an additional 20-30 part time posts. Plans are forward for a new building 120 meters long mainly glass with a copper roof.

Concern expressed by residents again about the depth of the gully at the side of the main road. It was filled with earth by SBC but this was soon washed away as soon as it began to rain. The repair and provision of a kerb would seem the best solution but financial restraints at SBC put it down the list of priorities. However an officer of the council who visited again to see the earth washed away said he would put it on their list we are unaware of any progress in this matter.
The drain at the corner of the cul-de-sac in Grantsfield that has the surrounding tarmac washed away is still requiring repair.
The Muirhouselaw road has not yet been repaired as far as we know but Councillor Stewart will look into these matters.

Community Beat Officers Police Report Karen was unable to attend.
The new report is more general than previously and covers Jedburgh and District

Report KE08 February 2014 – Maxton & St Boswells
18 recorded crimes and 5 solved – compared with 20 crimes and 7 solved for same period last year. No issues in Maxton area.

Minutes of 16th January 2014: Adoption of Minutes
Proposed as a correct record by: - Penny Harvey
Seconded by: - Andrew Leitch

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Resilient Community Plan
- there has been no further contact from SBC– Councillor Stewart said he would be attending a meeting with Kevin Sewell and would discuss the Resilient Communities Plan and Maxton’s wish to not be involved. It was felt a presentation by Mr Sewell or Jim Fraser would be a waste of their time. There is concern that Mr Sewell had said if we did not sign up for the Resilient Community Plan we would receive ‘nothing else from SBC’. The extent of our requirements would be reinstatement of a salt bin in Grantsfield and at the church.

A resident in Maxton who offered to improve the planters at the entry to the village and also the area of garden next to the telephone box has commenced work by clipping and clearing overgrown and unkempt areas. Other residents in the village have offered their assistance and the Community Council agreed that a special project fund should be set aside to fund all requirements for replanting and the future floral enhancement of the village. It was agreed funding would be set aside for a huge planting of daffodil bulbs along the main street from the entrance to exit of the village. Funding also set aside to fill the two planters, being provided by SBC, with compost and plants.

Our query regarding the rail track was passed by Susan Kevan, walking officer to Graeme Johnstone. He responded to say they had been inundated with requests by local communities seeking to use their old lines since Innerleithen was opened. There are funds available for community schemes but not for such large projects. However a local walker had followed the railway from the a68 as far as Roxburgh. He reported that although overgrown most of it was passible if strimmed apart from a short section that is flooded and has been for many years. Whether this could be drained or not could be looked into further. It was suggested Criminal Justice could possibly cost this and therefore a budget should be set aside to fund this.

Treasurers Report:
Current balance of account is £2,464.93 less £2,025 set aside for planned accrual, leaving £227.12 available in credit

Balance at 7th January 2014 in credit £2,464.93
Stationery £ 62.81
Maxton village hall rental cost £150.00
£212.81 £2252.12
Accruals for proposed projects
Football Posts + Net £ 625.00
Wooden Bench £ 200.00

Village enhancement scheme
Bulbs for Main Street & playpark £ 300.00
Compost playpark planters £ 200.00
Plants playpark planters £ 200.00
Old railway drainage + clear paths £ 500.00
-£2,025.00 Less Accrual £2,025.00

Total Available Funds £ 227.12

Concerns and Issues Raised by Members of the Community:
No new issues raised.
It was agreed a visit should be made to the telephone box at Nisbet and it could be discussed again at the next meeting.

New Members of the Community Council:
Malcolm Hosie submitted his completed form for application as Community Councillor. He was heartily welcomed and will be a great asset with his youth and enthusiasm.

There are still two vacancies - one could be waiting on you!!

Correspondence: Various:
Mail dealt with at meeting:

• Scottish Borders Local Licensing Forum – currently has vacancies on the Forum for Young People & Persons resident within the Forum’s area – contact Anne Isles tel. 01835 825002 with reference CR32/1R/A1/\/SA for more details.

• Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition 2014 – closing date for entries 30th May 2014.

• Scottish Borders Elder Voice Newsletter - February - March 2014

• Borders Railway Connections – Spring 2014

• Wooler Wheel Borderlands – Cycle challenge 17th May 2014 – raising money for Radio Borders – cash for kids – Mrs Beth Mills looking for help with marshalling. If you can help tel. 01668 283699 or e-mail

• The Bridge Newsletter February 2014

• Scottish Borders Community Councils’ Network meeting CHQ 27th March 2014 at 7 pm

• Hello Communities – what’s new at Home Energy Scotland – check website for latest info?

• Introducing Local Energy Scotland – New website and access Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

• Council Welcomes Baton Relay – will travel through Borders Wed 18th June 2014.

• Consultation on the Scottish Borders Community Council Scheme review

The Scottish Government have concluded a contract worth £264.3m for the extension of superfast broadband across 27 local authorities. It is anticipated that 85% of homes and businesses across Scotland will receive fibre broadband by the end of 2015, rising to around 95% by the end of 2017.
Currently only 4.98% of people across the South of Scotland have registered their demand.

• Local Community Paths: Maintenance grants for Community Councils
These grants will reimburse expenses incurred through local maintenance or improvements undertaken, including grass cutting, vegetation removal, surfacing, installation of gates etc., up to a value of £450. This amount could also form part of a larger project which you have applied for from a combination of other funding bodies. However all work must be completed before the grant can be paid. Grant forms must be submitted by 28th February 2014 with full details of the proposed plans.
Find out more about path networks in your area by visiting the following websites:

• Electronic Planning Consultation
Community Councils are encouraged to start submitting responses to planning applications in their area electronically by sending them to
All planning information can be found online by following the hyperlink:

• Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – Local 3 year Plan 2014-2017 for the Scottish Borders
Consultation on draft local plan - survey available online until 13th March 2014 – submit comments and feedback at

A.O.C.B. None

Date of, Time and Venue for Next Meeting

Thursday 24th April 2014
7.00pm – 8.30pm
Maxton Village Hall

Future Meeting Dates 2014
15th May 2014 (AGM)

All members of the two communities are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to make a difference to their communities, your thoughts and concerns are of interest to all your Community Councillors.

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Date: 20/03/2014