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Welcome to the Beautiful Parish of Maxton in the Scottish Borders

Maxton Church and the Eildons as seen from Maxton Village

Maxton Present

-The Parish of Maxton adjoins the Parishes of St Boswells on the west, Roxburgh on the east and south and is bounded by the River Tweed on the north. It lies on St. Cuthbert's Way.

Maxton Past

-Within the Parish was the site of Rutherford Hospital, the quarry which was the source of stone for Melrose and Dryburgh Abbeys and, at Muirhouselaw, was Lilyot's Cross, the place where March Days to discuss cross-border quarrels were held during the 14th century.

Maxton Information

-Maxton 21 has made many links both at home, with ex-Maxtonians, members of the Maxton and Maxtone Graham families, and with former members of the crew of HMS MAXTON, and, across the sea, in North Carolina and Michigan. The group welcomes contact with all interested parties.



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