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Burnside Farm Foods Product List

Product List
SELECT BEEF From the Scottish Borders

Select Border Beef is from local Border Farms in the Tweed Valley within a 30 mile radius from the abattoir and from our farm. This specially selected beef is grass fed and matured on the bone for a minimum of 14-21 days producing a succulent, intense flavour. We can provide a full traceability certificate with all prime cuts. All of our Beef can be cut/prepared to your individual requirements on our farm.
Beef prices are subject to change and should be confirmed at time of order.
Border Short Cut Sirloin - Sirloin/Fillet 12kgs
Border Rib Roast 5-6kgs
Border Rib Eye 3-4kgs
Border D Rump 4-6kgs
Border Hand Diced Shoulder 500gm/1kg
Border Best Steak Mince 500gm/1kg

This competitively priced product has great taste and represents excellent value and is all from the UK.
Whole Fillet 2-3kgs
Striploin 5-7kgs
Rib Eye 2-3kgs

Topside kg
Loin kg
Osso Bucco kg
Diced Shoulder kg
Veal Escalope kg
Calves Liver kg

Proscuitto Crudo - Sliced 500g
Serrano Ham - Sliced 500g
Smoked Pancetta - Sliced 500g
Smoked Pancetta - Whole 3kg

Cooking Chorizos
Parilla Picante (Hot)/Dulce (Mild) - 6 pieces per pack
Mini Picante - 12 pieces per pack

Hardiesmill Charcuterie
Hardiesmill Carpaccio cut Smoked Beef - great as a starter 100g
Hardiesmill Sweet-Cured Beef - great as a starter 100g
Hardiesmill Traditional Pastrami 100g

Organic Charcuterie – from Peelham Farm
Salami 280-300g
Chorizo 280-300g

Oven Ready Chicken
Whole Oven Ready Loue Free Range Corn Fed Chicken - to order 1.5kgs
Whole Oven Ready Poulet De Bresse - to order 1.5kgs
Whole Oven Ready Maize Fed Chicken 1.5kgs

Goosnargh Free Range Chicken - to order
Loue Free Range Corn Fed Chicken Supreme - to order 170-200g
Maize Fed Chicken Supreme - Skin On and Wing Bone In 200-240g
Local Border Chicken Fillet - Skinless & Boneless 200-230g
Local Border Chicken Supreme - Skin On 200-230g
Local Border Chicken Supreme - Skin Off 200-230g
Oyster Cut Corn Fed Chicken Legs 170-190g

Chicken Fillets - Stuffed & Wrapped in Bacon - Vac Packed in 5’s or 10’s – to order
Border Chicken - Apple, Apricot & Raisin 175-220g
Highland Chicken - Haggis 175-220g
Toon Chicken - Black Pudding 175-220g
Tipsy Chicken - Haggis soaked in Drambuie 175-220g
Goats Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes 175-220g
Mozzarella & Pesto 175-220g
Wild Mushrooms & Garlic 175-220g
Stuffed Chicken Legs - Vacuum packed in 10’s – to order
Apple, Apricot & Raisin 100-150g
Goats Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes 100-150g
Mozzarella & Pesto 100-150g
Wild Mushrooms & Garlic 100-150g
Black Pudding 100-150g
Haggis 100-150g
Haggis soaked in Drambuie 100-150g
Ballotines - Part Boned Chicken Legs, Bone in for Presentation - Vac Packed in 5’s
Stuffing as Chicken Legs 150-175g

Our Corn Fed Duck range is exclusive to Burnside and has received excellent reviews. It cooks quickly and the skin caramelises beautifully.
Corn Fed Male Barbary Breast 230-280g
Corn Fed Female Barbary Breast 180-220g
Corn Fed Male Barbary Duck Leg 230-280g
Corn Fed Female Barbary Duck Leg 180-220g
Duck Supreme - to order 250-300g
Male or Female Barbary Duck Breast 180-280g
Male or Female Barbary Duck Leg 180-280g
Confit Duck Leg - Pre-Cooked 5 per pack
Gressingham Duck Breast 220-275g
Special Jumbo Gressingham Duck - to order 1.5-1.8kg Gressingham Duck Legs - frozen 200-230g
Goosnargh Fresh Duckling 1.5-1.8kg
Goosnargh Corn Fed Fresh Duckling 1.5-1.8kg
Goosnargh Fresh Duck Crowns 1kg
Goosnargh Duck Breasts 8oz
Duck Bones - to order
Duck Neck - to order
Duck Eggs - to order Doz
Duck Heart - to order
Duck Wing Meat - Skinless - to order 2.5kg
Duck Gizzard - to order 1kg
Duck Inner Fillet - 25-35g - perfect for canapes, starters, air drying or stir fries - vac 1kg

Burnside has been instrumental in making Scottish Game user friendly. All our delicious Game is sourced from local Scottish Border Farms & Estates within a 30 mile radius as well as from our farm, so we can provide its full provenance. They are all inspected by MHS vets and are then dry plucked and can be waxed finished, or plucked to your own specification.This healthy option goes well on any menu.
Oven Ready Pheasant
Pheasant - Long Legged (ie. plucked but with head, legs & feet on and gut in)
Pheasant Breasts - vacuum packed in 10’s
Pheasant Borderer - stuffed with Apple, Apricot & Raisin wrapped in Bacon
Pheasant Royale - Haggis soaked in Drambuie wrapped in Bacon - vacuum packed in 2’s

Oven Ready Red Legged Partridge
Partridge - Long Legged
Partridge Breasts - vacuum packed in 10’s

Oven Ready Wood Pigeon - tray wrapped in 2’s
Wood Pigeon - Long Legged
Wood Pigeon Breasts - vacuum packed in 10’s

Oven Ready Mallard - individually tray wrapped
Mallard - Long Legged
Mallard Breasts - vacuum packed in 10’s

Oven Ready Grouse - young
Oven Ready Grouse - old


Oven Ready Wild Rabbit
Oven Ready Farmed Rabbit - individually vacuum packed
Farmed Rabbit Saddles - vacuum packed in 8’s
Farmed Rabbit Haunches - tray wrapped in 2’s
Farmed Rabbit Liver
Rabbit Burger - tray wrapped in 2’s
Rabbit Mince

Oven Ready Wild Brown Hare - individually vacuum packed
Wild Brown Hare Saddles - individually vacuum packed
Wild Hare Haunches - individually vacuum packed
Seasonal Game Casserole
Seasonal Game Mince

Raised Near Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders
Oven Ready Free Range Corn Fed Goose with giblets - Christmas Only 3-4kgs
Free Range Corn Fed Goose Breasts - Christmas Only
Oven Ready Whole Guinea Fowl - individually tray wrapped 1-1.2kgs
Guinea Fowl Supremes - vacuum packed in 4’s 175-220g
Oyster Cut Guinea Fowl Legs - vacuum packed in 10’s 150-260
Loue Free Range Oven Ready Guinea Fowl - individually tray wrapped 1-1.2kgs
Loue Free Range Guinea Fowl Supremes - vacuum packed in 10’s 175-220g
Oyster Cut Loue Free Range Guinea Fowl Legs - vacuum packed in 10’s 170-190g

Lamb Shanks - Frozen only

Border Lamb is justifiably famous the world over. All our lamb comes from local farms within a 30 mile radius of the abattoir, Local lamb from Local farms.
Saddle of Border Lamb - to order
Rack of Border Lamb - to order
Gigot of Border Lamb
Shoulder of Border Lamb
Organic Lambs Liver

Chicken 1kg
Duck 1kg
Border Roe Deer Liver 1kg
Border Lambs Liver 1kg
Border Calves Liver 1kg
Premium Grade Foie Gras Lobe 400-600g
Roulade De Foie D’oie Tin - Ready to Serve 320gm
Rougie Flash Frozen Duck Foie Gras Slices 18 x 50g
From the Scottish Borders
Ostrich has been described as one of the healthiest meats available. It's lean, low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in iron and best served pink. It has a unique beefy flavour and tastes delicious.
Whole Ostrich Muscle Fillet 2.5kg
Portioned Ostrich Fillet 200g

Raised in the Scottish Borders near Hawick
The Large Black is one of the countries oldest pig breeds, originating from the 16th Century. It is Britain’s only all black pig.The Large Black is much appreciated for its tasty, succulent meat and cutting qualities, a recent trial against other breeds put it top of the list.
Half a Pig - approx 30-40 kgs

Pork Fillet 400-500g
Boneless & Skinless Pork Loin 2-3kgs

Whole Oven Ready Jumbo Quail 200g
Whole Jumbo Boneless Quail 175g
Quail Eggs

Stuffed Quail
Apricot, Rice & Raisin 75g

Our Gourmet Sausages are all hand made with a high meat content and come in an exciting range of flavours. They're a good uniform size and your customers will love them!
Beef 75-100g
Wild Boar with Honey & Mustard 75-100g
Wild Boar with Apricots & Prunes soaked in Brandy 75-100g
Venison with Apple & Cranberry 75-100g
Pork & Apple 75-100g
Pork & Leek 75-100g
Boudin Noir - Ring - individually vacuum packed - to order 1-3kgs
Boudin Noir - Medium - vacuum packed - to order 100g
Boudin Noir - Mini - vacuum packed in 35’s - to order 450g
Boudin Blanc

Whole Smoked Chicken - individually vacuum packed 1kg
Whole Smoked Chicken Breast - individually vacuum packed 180-230g
Whole Smoked Duck Breast - individually vacuum packed 180-250g
Whole Smoked Goose Breast - individually vacuum packed 150-220g
Whole Smoked Venison Piece 700g
Smoked Wild Pheasant Breast - vacuum packed in 2’s 200g
Smoked Turkey Breast - individually vacuum packed 1-3kgs

By Georges Thiol
Our delicious terrines come in a 1.3 kg mould for easy slicing into ideal sized portions.
Chicken & Armagnac 1.3kgs
Chicken & Morels 1.3kgs
Wild Deer with Foie Gras 1.3kgs
Duck with Bittersweet Orange 1.3kgs
Pheasant with Foie Gras and Truffles 1.3kgs
Wild Boar and Red Wine 1.3kgs
Rabbit with Thyme 1.3kgs

Cumbrian Oven Ready Whole Turkey (catering) 10 kg +
Cumbrian Oven Ready Corn Fed Turkey 6 – 9 kgs
Cumbrian Whole Turkey - Boned & Rolled
Cumbrian Turkey Crown 3 – 4 kgs
Turkey Breasts 1.5-2.5kgs
Cumbrian Turkey Escalopes - vacuum packed in 10’s 150-180g
Stuffed Escalopes - Chestnut/Sausage/Cranberry - Christmas only 180g
Cooked Turkey Saddle 2-4kgs

From the Scottish Borders
Our Wild Boar are raised in the pine forests of Coldingham Moor on the Berwickshire coast. Their main diet of cereals and apples results in a delicious yet subtle flavour. Wild Boar is a very lean meat that is a particularly healthy alternative.
Scottish Wild Boar Saddles 4-10kgs
Scottish Wild Boar Haunches 4-10kgs
Scottish Wild Boar Belly
Scottish Wild Boar Long Houghs inc trotters 2-3kgs

From the Scottish Highlands
Venison is a lean and a very healthy alternative to Beef and other meats. It also contains Omega 3 and 6.Our Red Deer is all wild from the Scottish Highlands and has a superb texture and flavour.
Red Deer Saddles 4-7kgs
Red Deer Striploin
Red Deer Haunch - Boned & Bone in 4-6kgs
Venison Escalopes - vacuum packed in 5’s 180-230g
Venison Casserole - vacuum packed 500/1kg
Venison Olives - stuffed with Pheasant/Apricot - Christmas only
Venison Mince 500/1kg

From the Scottish Borders
Our Roe Deer is also wild from local border estates within a 30 mile radius. It is a milder tasting venison with a slightly nutty, unique flavour. Highly prized and on many top menus in Paris. We can provide full traceability.

Whole Portioned Roe Deer - 2 shoulders (approx. 2.5kgs ea), 2 haunches (approx. 2.5-3kgs ea), 1 long saddle (approx 3kg), neck & flank diced to give approx 2kgs mince 10-17kgs
Roe Deer Saddle - bone in / boneless 2-3kgs
Roe Deer Haunch - bone in / boneless 2.5-3kgs
Roe Deer Shoulder - bone in / boneless 2.5kgs
Roe Deer Striploin
Roe Deer Liver kg
Roe Deer Mini Roast (2/3 portion) 400 - 500g
Wild Border Roe Burgers 125gms/ea

Corn Fed Chicken with Cider, Sage & Mustard - 2 portions 550g
Duck Breast with Port & Orange - 2 portions 550g
Wild Partridge Breast with Chanterelle, Sweet Chestnut & Hazelnut Oil - 2 portions (4 breasts) 400g
Wild Pheasant Breast with Pomegranate & Scottish Raspberry Wine - 2 portions 385g
Rib Eye Steak with Red Wine & Wild Mushroom - 2 portions 450g
Venison Steak with Sloe Gin & Juniper - 2 portions 450g
Echire Portions 100 x 30g
Lescure Butter Roll 250g
Paysan Butter Roll 250g
Unsalted Butter - French 40 x 250g


Inverloch Cheeses
Inverloch Goats Milk Cheese - A hard pressed cheese which is full of flavour. It is one of the least “goaty” is typically 3 months old when sold. 450g

Drumloch - A full fat hard pressed cheese of the cheddar type made using Guernsey milk. It has a beautiful creamy texture, a wonderful clean odour, a delightful and wholly natural light golden colour and simply the best flavour. 450g

Howgate Kintyre Brie - Made using Guernsey milk. It is really creamy with a lovely flavour even when young. A true artisan cheese, hand ladled and turned daily till ready. Delicious fresh or aged. 1.3kg

Applesmoke Cheddar - Mature Scottish cheddar cold smoked for a distinctly mellow flavour. 900g

Bishop Kennedy - Made to the same recipe as the brie but is made dryer and denser. The cheeses are washed in brine to prevent the formation of the typical brie coat, instead forming a slightly sticky orange/brown coat which can take up to 2 months to fully develop. At around 2 months old the cheeses are washed in whisky several times before being wrapped and ripened for another month A very pungent aroma & flavour develops and the cheese becomes creamy soft. 1.4kg

Campbeltown Loch - Made with Guernsey milk. It is an unpressed cheese with natural spaces in the pate which is rindwashed for 2 months before being wrapped. It has a strong pungent aroma from the rind but has notes of cheddar from the body of the cheese. 1.5kg
Gigha - Mini Fruit 4 x 45gm
Gigha Fruits - mix & match pack of 6
Green Apple - An original blend of cheddar & cream cheese it’s full of rich, full, smooth, creamy cheese flavour.
Red Apple - Superior cheese blended with garlic. Desperately more-ish !
Maroon Apple - Blend of Islay Malt Whisky & Brandy, mixed in just the right amounts to compliment the cheese.
Yellow Apple - With chives, a traditional choice and a long standing favourite.
Orange Apple - Blended with Orange Liqueur and a few drops of orange oil giving a totally unique flavour.
Pear - Popular for its appearance but also for the blend of Schnapps & pear oil which creates a taste sensation !
Border Cheeses
Fat Lips Blue - Soft blue 250-280g
Roxburgh Roondie - Scottish Border Brie 250-280g
Lanark Blue - made with ewes milk 1.5kg
Lanark White - made with ewes milk but softer than Pecorino 1.5kg
Dunsyre Blue - made with cows milk 1.7kg
Maisies Kebbuck - Semi hard cheese made with cows milk 1.5kg

Wensleydale & Apricot/Chives/Cranberries/Ginger/Mango & Ginger 1.5kg
White Stilton & Apricot/Blueberries/Ginger/Strawberries & Champagne/Mushroom & Garlic 1.5kg
Baby Blue Stilton 2.5kg
Somerset Brie 2.5kg
Stinking Bishop 2kg
Northumberland Cheeses
Brinkburn - A mould-ripened goats cheese, which is velvety soft on the palate, light textures and pleasingly Refined, with a delicate edge to lengthen and liven things up. An international prize winner. 600g
Chevington - A smooth, creamy, mould-ripened cheese reminiscent of a young brie or camembert with a sharp, Clean bite leading to a gently stimulating richness. A major prize winner. 250g
Cheviot - A delicate mustiness on the nose leads to a rich buttery taste with a refreshingly assertive flavour and a tongue tingling saltiness on the palate. 400g
Coquetdale - Mould-ripened, it is rich, clean and creamy with a melting texture and a long fruity finish. 600g
Chilli - Creamy smooth Northumberland Original spiced with the fiery kick of red chilli. A little hot number for the cheese board and or a perfect topping for tortillas ! 400g
Hadrian - A sprinkling of caraway seeds stimulates and cleanses the palate leading to a cool, dry and sophisticated finish. A smooth, creamy cheese - perfect after dinner. 400g
Keilder - Handmade with Jersey milk and as rich and golden as the Kielder forest. A buttery, ripe, full flavoured young cheese with a lingering creamy aftertaste. 400g
Nettle - All the creamy smoothness of the original combined with the subtle fresh flavour of real nettles. 400g
Oak Smoked - Slowly smoked over 4 days to create a full yet delicate flavour which grows richer on the palate with a smooth, long lasting finish. 400g
Original - A mild handmade cheese which is extremely versatile. Its cool silky texture bursts into rich buttery flavour with a satisfying finish. Melts very smoothly - so perfect on toast or in a sauce ! 400g
Reiver - Mould-ripened with the robust aroma of autumn leaves. 600g

Blue D’Auvergne 1.2kg
Boursin 150g
Brie 60% 3kg
Brie de Meaux Donge 2.8kg
Camembert Rustique 1kg
Chaource 250g
Chaumes 2kg
Coulommier 500g
Crottin Soignon/Chavignol/Chevrechard 60g
Epoisses 250g
Fourme d’Ambert 2kg
Mont D’or (Vacherin) (Nov-March only) 500g
Munster 1kg
Pont’ L’eveque 400g
Port Salut 2.2kg
Raclette 2kg
Reblochon 500g
Roquefort 1.4kg
St Agur 2.3kg
Vignotte 150g
French Goats Cheese
Chevre Buche 1kg
St Maure Logs 200g
St Maure de Touraine 6 x 250g
Valencay 6 x 220g

Gorgonzola 1.5kg
Grana Padano 1kg, 4kg
Mascarpone 500g
Buffalo Mozzarella 125g
Cows Mozzarella 125g
Parmesan Reggiano 1kg, 4kg
Ricotta 250g
Taleggio 2kg

Feta 200g
Feta Block 1kg
Feta Block in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Herbs 1kg
Haloumi 250g

Cottage Cheese 2kg
Crème Fraiche 500g
Clotted Cream 1kg
Fromage Frais 1kg
UHT Whipping Cream 1ltr

Quince Paste 300g
Handmade Oatcakes from Perthshire
Traditional Oatcakes - 100% Grampian pinhead oatmeal, Sugar Free 150g
Sweetened Oatcakes - Like the traditional only with a little bit of Demerara Sugar. Great with blue or smoked cheese 150g
Oatcakes with Cracked Black Pepper - Best with brie’s and camembert’s 150g
Thin & Crispy Oatcakes - Grampian wheat & Rapeseed Oil, slightly darker and crisper. Perfect for canapés 150g
Cocktail Oatcakes - Grampian wheat & Rapeseed Oil, slightly darker and crisper 150g
** Want to buy a case of 24 ? Contact us for special offers on case purchases **

Chutneys & Relishes
Spicy Pear - from Pettigrews of Kelso 2.5kg
Classic Tomato - from Pettigrew of Kelso 2.5kg
Hot Gooseberry - from Pettigrews of Kelso 2.5kg
Sweet Red Onion - from Pettigrews of Kelso 2.5kg

Callebaut 70% Extra Bitter Chocolate Pistoles 2.5kg
Callebaut 53% Dark Chocolate Pistoles 2.5kg
Callebaut Milk Chocolate Pistoles 2.5kg
Callebaut White Chocolate Pistoles 2.5kg
Callebaut Dark Chocolate Mousse Powder 800g
Callebaut Milk Chocolate Mousse Powder 800g
Callebaut White Chocolate Mousse Powder 800g
Marie Charlotte Dark Chocolate Cups 135pcs
Reubens Dark Chocolate Pencils - 20cm 125pcs
Reubens Marbled Chocolate Pencils - 20cm 125pcs

Subject to Seasonal Availability
From Border Berries
Strawberries kg
Raspberries kg
Tayberries kg
Gooseberries kg
Blackcurrants kg
Redcurrants kg

From Chain Bridge Honey Farm, Berwick Upon Tweed
Tweedside Honey - wild flowers with a touch of heather 6.8kg
Heather Honey
Honeycombs - 32cm x 11cm x 3cm 1.3kg

From Border Meringues - Handmade, organic meringues, made to order
Large Meringue Shells - 2.5” 100
Mini Meringue Shells - 1” 100
Pavlova Base - 8.5” 6
Petite Pavlova - 6” 20
Large Meringue Nests - 3” 20
Mini Meringue Nests - 2” 100
Meringue Nests drizzled with Chocolate - 3” 20
Mini Meringue Nests drizzled with Chocolate - 1” 100

Rapeseed Oil from Borderfields
Oleifera - Glass Bottle 500ml
Case of Oleifera 500ml 12 x 500ml
Oleifera 5ltr
Case of Oleifera 5ltr 2 x 5ltr

Pastry Cases from Pidy
Quiche Cases - 8.5cm 72pcs
Vol Au Vents - unfilled 96pcs
Gourmandes 192pcs
Sweet Tart Cases - 8.5cm 135pcs
Sweet Tart Cases - 11cm 72pcs
Profiteroles - unfilled 75pcs

Various varieties available subject to seasons
Carrolls Heritage Potatoes 12.5kg

Trading Terms & Conditions
Payment Terms
Accounts must be settled 30 days from invoice date.
Customers will be liable for all costs incurred whilst recovering debts.
Returned cheques are subject to a £40 charge.
Claims & Credit
All claims must be made within 24 hrs of delivery.All items remain the property of Burnside Farm Foods until payment is made in full.
Prices are subject to alteration without prior notice.
Products are offered subject to availability.
Nationwide Deliveries
Local - Daily
Edinburgh - Tues, Wed, & Fri
East Lothian - Tues & Fri
Glasgow - Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri
Stirling - Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri
Aberdeen & North - Thursday
Ayrshire - Wed & Fri
Fife & Perth - Tues & Fri
Loch Lomond - Wed & Fri
Northumberland/Newcastle – Tues & Thurs
Next day carriage can be arranged subject to a nominal charge.

Supporting the work of the Game Conservancy Trust

Game Seasons

Pheasant October 1 - February 1
Grouse August 12 - December 10
Ptarmigan August 12 - December 10
Partridge September 1 - February 1
Snipe August 12 - January 31
Woodcock September 1 - January 31
Mallard September 1 - February 20
Widgeon September 1 - February 20
Teal September 1 - February 20
Golden Plover September 1 - January 31
Woodpigeon Open Season
Rabbit Open Season
Hares August 1 - February 28
Red Stags July 1 - October 20
Red Hinds October 21 - February 15
Roe Bucks April 1 - October 20
Roe Does October 21 - March 31

Burnside Farm Foods Product List , Scotland

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